15 December 2019

FAI at Palazzo Vinci-Gigliucci.

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A journey through history and time to Palazzo Vinci-Giuglicci, one of the most prestigious historical buildings in the Marche region, where the FAI – FONDO AMBIENTE ITALIANO Delegation of Fermo organized the FAI SPECIALE NATALE: UN GIORNO A PALAZZO VINCI. Dancers, musicians and extras in period costumes animated the wonderful halls of the palace, plunging visitors in an atmosphere of the mid-nineteenth century, during the Christmas holidays. Thanks to the Accademia Danze Ottocentesche, to the violinists Samuele Ricci and Valeria Tamburrini and to the ciceroni Felice Mariano and Massimo Temperini who guided the numerous visitors through the historical environments.