3 November 2020

Marcheamore also means Digital Detox holiday

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La Roccaccia and La Torre da Bora become part of the locations selected by Digital Detox Destination.

Digital Detox Destination is a portal that deals with regenerating holidays, far from chaos and stress with a clear belief: disconnect for a period of time from all the technology that fills our days and reconnect with everything that surrounds us.

MarcheAmore Digital Detox VacationsDigital Detox Destination considered La Roccaccia an ideal destination. This jewel in white stone is between Sibilla and Gola dell’Infernaccio, in the middle of the National Park of Monti Sibillini: at the Roccaccia technology will be the last of your thoughts ! 

A unique place where you can relax and unplug, a few minutes drive winds the most beautiful trails of the Umbrian Apennines.
Surrounded by unique landscapes, our guests have the opportunity to do activities of any kind completely immersing themselves in the unspoilt nature of these places.
Rivers, lakes, mountains will become the scenery of your high altitude experiences, from trekking to e-bikes, from horseback riding to canoeing and much more.

Torre da Bora is the second destination selected by Digital Detox Destination. It was born in the medieval village of Magliano di Tenna, a few km away from the Adriatic coast and the city of Fermo and is undoubtedly the ideal destination for those who are tired of being constantly distracted by sounds, vibrations, notifications and messages.

The walls and the tower were built between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, its original function was to be a defensive outpost of the Castle of Castrum Malleani.

At the top of the tower there is a terrace with a view that ranges from the Sibillini Mountains to those of Laga up to the Adriatic Sea. The small village of Magliano allows you to find yourself, the silence reigns supreme in this place, time seems to have stopped a few years ago when technology took over in our lives.

A return to the origins, in short, a search for the “old” through the new, using just the new as a means.

A holiday is a time when our attentions are dedicated to those we love, it is necessary for our well-being to disconnect from the first source of distraction, technology, and leave it at home. By choosing a digital detox holiday you can rediscover nature, raise your eyes from the screen and enjoy the infinite beauty that surrounds you.