25 January 2021

Locations Suited For Smart Working Holidays

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Without doubt this year we got to know new terms, words that were not part of our daily vocabulary until the birth of Covid-19, one above all “Smart Working”.

It is no coincidence that “smart working” was the most searched term on Google in the two-months period that saw us stuck at our homes. Working from home, where possible, has become essential to avoid crowded offices and common areas, places where the virus easily took root, effectively blocking its spread.

Working from home is fine, but why not doing it while immersed in beauty and in places that better allow to combine creativity and productivity? This must have been the idea that moved the founders of BNB Working Spaces, their platform is committed to providing and selecting locations that put at the guest’s service all the tools needed to do their work remotely. Thanks to their innovative intuition, they managed to reconcile two needs that have always characterized the our lives: traveling and working.

Two of MarcheAmore’s locations have been selected by BNB working spaces as ideal locations for those who want to reconcile these two needs and at the moment we are the only ones in the province of Fermo to have been included in this forward looking project.

We have decided to support this new idea of ​​tourism, improving our venues where necessary, so that guests can have a perfect experience that combines vacation and smart working. We have selected two of the residences that are best suited for this purpose, we are talking about the Torre da Bora in Magliano di Tenna and the Passaggio Segreto at Palazzo Vinci Gigliucci in the heart of Fermo, these are the first locations in the province dedicated to smart workers.

We are eager to support the idea behind this new Italian Startup as we believe that change shouldn’t be scary, but rather it should be taken as an opportunity to be evolve, or if you prefer, to START OVER!