26 March 2021

MarcheAmore & its service partners: Federico Ferranti – hiking guide

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Have you ever had the chance to stay at La Roccaccia?

Those who have already had may know what we are talking about but, for those who have not yet done so, I recommend that you make amend for it as soon as possible.
La Roccaccia is located in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains National Park, at the foot of Monte Sibilla and Monte Priora, defined by the mountain lovers as the Queens of the Apennines. The venue is located in Vetice, on a spur of rock called “Colle della Roscia”, a toponym that traces the “Casa Roscia” to the founding family of Montefortino.
Not everyone knows that in the private garden at La Roccaccia there is a path that combines land-art and nature.

These “artistic walks” meet the G5 path of the Great Ring of the Sibillini, a hiking trail of about 124 km that embraces the entire mountain range.
More and more guests are staying in our historic home to enjoy the fantastic views and landscapes that only the Monti Azzurri, with their gentle ridges, are able to offer. It is the ever-increasing demand for excursions and trekking by our guests that led us to set-up a new collaboration.

The partner we are presenting you today is Federico Ferranti, licensed tour guide and tour leader for Le Marche region, as well as Official Guide of the Sibillini Mountains Natural Park.
Federico, in addition to sharing his love and respect for the mountains, is a capable and reliable guide, a profound connoisseur of the territory, in particular that of the Sibillini Mountains. Born and raised in Le Marche, he lived abroad for a long time working as a guide and explorer, nourishing his “wild and free” spirit until he decided to return to his homeland and share the knowledge learned over the years spent traveling with the land where he was born and to which he is strongly linked.

He has a deep relationship with the territory, ranging from the pleasure of high altitude experiences to the discovery of local gastronomic traditions. If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to go out with him as soon as possible: every step will be a new discovery!