28 April 2019

Inauguration of the new wine shop “Le Corti dei Farfensi”

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On Sunday 28th April 2019, the Moresco farm with an international vocation Le Corti dei Farfensi inaugurated its new wine shop at Palazzo Vinci-Gigliucci in Fermo. 

Guests of honor of the event were Dr Paola Pantanetti, endocrinologist and diabetologist at the Hospital of Fermo, and Dr. Emeran Mayer, gastroenterologist, lecturer, author, editor, neuroscientist, documentary director and professor of medicine, physiology and psychiatry, California University of Los Angeles-USA. The ribbon cutting of the new store was preceded by an interesting scientific conference that was held at the multifunctional hall of the Stables of the Palace. Dr. Mayer presented a report entitled “The mind-gut connection. Polyphenols: Mediators of plant and human health”, while Dr.Pantanetti spoke of “Food and brain: neuroendocrine mechanisms”. Then there was the inauguration of the wine shop, a beautiful store that occupies three loggias of the old stables on the ground floor of the building. The day ended with a food and wine journey through the courtyards and historic kitchens of the building, to discover the products of the company Le Corti dei Farfensi . Host of the day was Dr. Marco Cavalieri, founder and director of the company Le Corti dei Farfensi, assisted by his excellent staff.